Nikki’s getting a [BLEEP] shower

July 15, 2009

Inspired by the Inter Collective‘s and Tom Cho‘s blogs, I thought it might be useful for me to try to synthesise my thoughts about my various projects in not-too-lengthy, not too flowery blog posts. Often I fly through these projects without noticing what I’m doing, hence I learn nothing from them. This means that with each project I repeat certain mistakes that reduce how proud of them I can be. Hopefully by putting them up where I can view them more analytically I will be able to fix these bad habits more quickly.

Man there is this incredible documentary about a kids-with-Tourette’s camp on at the moment. It’s midnight, the documentary is on Channel 9. I’m just going to write down what the kids do for a while.

One girl is standing in the middle of the room barking. A girl watching her starts yelping and then she shakes and bends her body really violently. The barking girl starts hissing. Now they’ve cut to a different scene of her calling people faggot and barking at the same time. Now she’s having the following argument with herself: “I hate you. No I don’t. I really do. No I don’t.” A different scene, now a girl is relatively peaceful but if you look closely her body is never still. The first barking girl has kicked off a riot of barking in some kind of dining hall. One of them is a little boy and he doesn’t like the noise. Don’t know what his problem is. The shaking and bending girl is in her home now, when she wakes up she jerks constantly. She imagines cracks in the floor that she hops over. She hops so much that she has broken the floor. If something touches her she has to touch it back. Now she’s stabbing a pancake with a fork really hard. She can’t put on moisturiser because she goes through all these things between putting the drop of moisturiser from the tube onto her skin. She also hits herself.

Anyways, these are the things I’m doing at the moment: an honours thesis with a 10,000 word prose fiction portion and a 5,000 word exegesis; a zine of creative writing and some drawings and shit; a book of art and art writing with an exhibition, pending the success of a grant application; an acquittal of a different grant application that must be handed in before the most recent application can be assessed; looking for someone to act as a writing mentor for me and a publishing company that will give me work experience; weekly articles for the West Australian; weekly articles for Sunset Events; some band bios; some press releases.

The main thing that I’m thinking about today is whether I’m getting better at doing all this stuff at the same time. I’m doing okay. Today I didn’t do any reading, I’m supposed to be making my way through like four books on psychoanalysis by next Friday and I’m still on the first book. So now the blog will be used to think about what I have to do tomorrow: CD reviews for the West, finishing the chapters of The Interpretation of Dreams that are relevant to me, and then a meeting with Sarah about Rounds. Oh and a press release about the LIMV Cookbook II.

Oh, and I have to start waking up before 10:30.

These kids are super depressing, but not as depressing as their angry, resentful parents.


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