June 11, 2008

When I work I like not to work, but rather to do other things. I’m working on the news, writing the news, writing news for the people, and what I have done to help me along is make five cups of tea, fetch muffins and milk from the servo which I’ve told Pete he can have some of, buy some “Snack” variety of chocolate, eat half of “Snack” chocolate variety, play Scrabble (I have gotten three bingos totally 243 points) and refresh Facebook waiting for various correspondences to come back (no luck). But somehow I have successfully completed two thirds of my work, now I can JOURNAL, since no-one has written me letters to which I must reply. Go on with the chlorophyl.

So, what am I thinking today, what thoughts, thoughts have I had? I am growing more and more confident that me and my peers are becoming shadows of the new 21st set. I remember when I was in that set… sort of, I was never really in that set, the popular set. I have never in my life been a popular lad, I’m probably more popular now than I ever have been and I spend all my time writing the news and eating “Snack” variety chocolate, listening to a download of a Ricky Gervais audio commentary for a DVD that I haven’t seen. (On the topic of not being in demand, I was SHITTING myself because I had left my phone at home while I went to uni for six hours to finish off my highly intelligent essay about how autistic narrators operate to criticise the philosophical precepts of realism, then when I got home not only have I not had any messages, not only have I not had missed calls, but I have CRIED MYSELF TO SLEEP because neither of those two things had happened.) Anyway, back to the topic of no longer popular, never having been popular, being taken over by 21 year olds who think they’re the bees’ knees… ah, it’s not a big deal, really. The thing is, most people who are 21 are stupid. Even when I was 21, the 21 year olds at the time were stupid, I just didn’t know it. So I am lamenting the passage of an era that never really existed (one in which I was chummy with all, and all were saying unto me smart things) so hang the emergence of the shadow selves! I don’t mind. I shall simply read books for 10 years until I am allowed to make friends with some 40 year olds. Good idea, right? Right?

I’ve had other thoughts than these. For example, is it evil if someone is idle? If they work a shitty job, watch shitty movies, seek mostly to hang out with friends all day to have conversations of dubious importance, do they deserve to be called evil? While the Cambodians are fishing land mines out of their toilets with fishing lines made out of their grandmother’s long hair, which they sell later at the mercenaries’ markets? Yes they do. But am I allowed to be pious, and point out that it’s evil? What do I do that is helping the bald grandmothers and their limbless, bartering children climb the ladder to non-landmindedness? Well, I’m intending to at some point be writing long features lambasting my fellow man for their idle ways, basically saying “FOR SHAME, ALL OF YOU, A POX ON ALL YOUR HEADS” once I’m a pillar of public commentary, so perhaps that, perhaps that, is action enough? Hm? Hm? Hm. Yes. It is.

Neruda’s got stones on him the size of fists
Great galloping bollocks that ring like bells
when he walks.

Where else would he get the gumption to tell
his woman that he dreams to be a child sucking
at her tit?

and to tell the world that she possesses him
completely? How does he do it so that he sounds
as turgid as a fireman?

Either stones, or the clip and curve of Spanish
drenched in myth and absolutes. A world alive
with God, driving speakers smiling

to their glory
and their doom


2 Responses to “HAYAYAYAYAYAYAI!”

  1. Oz Says:

    It’s no good that these entries have not been getting comments, I’ve been enjoying them heaps

  2. h Says:

    i need some more deformed penis in my life please

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