Tuneful Mmming

June 4, 2008

Lifetime artists make me want to keep on going. People who only really get going once they’re in their 30s, or has a decent start, then shied away from the spotlight, then returned lazily to great acclaim. People whose life has folded itself into their art so that they do not take time out to make art, it simply comes as they breathe. They are an example from which I extrapolate the truth that if you care enough and keep trying you will achieve something close to that which you wish to achieve. I want to write poetry the way Bjork makes records.

I finished a draft of my final poem and found out that John Mateer is reading at Cottonmouth. Our washing machine has started to shriek like Ricky Gervais. I am in a terrible rut but gregariousness is probably around the corner. In this one you were asked to make a poem like a list about a place you were at.

Beaufort Street
The shopfronts dwarf the people
Their grey and tan trousers and t-shirts
Skirts and stockings, all a uniform
Faux-sport flavour
Unable to exclaim over the noise
Of Environ Pore Treatment, Real Estate Woman
Body Solarium and Spray-on-Tan
And the traffic, sedans and rovers
People movers, or else rust buckets
And those who hate the explosion
Of clean surface, modernist cafes
And clotheshops drink
The Scotsman’s beer, and rent Planet’s
Videos with those burning it along
They might be different
Waitresses and designers and speechmakers
And students and jobless and ugly and pretty
And needy and aloof, but this is Perth
And they are white
And they are not that different


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