I Perk Up When the Conversation Turns to Dicks or Poo

June 3, 2008

I just realised that for the entire time I’m in the US I’ll be taking shits in strange toilets. It’s a good thing I’ve been spending the past two years increasing my strange-toilet-tolerance-threshold. I can now lay all but the tastiest of dishes in houses of friends and family, high end shopping centres, and very clean, out of the way university toilets. Let’s heat up a poop storm.

This exercise was about writing about a celebrity. I chose Ben Cousins.

When the man came around all smiles and said
Hi again, Ben, did you feel the future fall away
Or were you stuck in the fantastic prison
Of your always forever favour?
Did you say fuck it to everything
The weight of now is too heavy
I must feel good immediately
It is worth extinguishing tomorrow
It is worth living out my suffering under
The most insensitive of lenses
It is worth folding the singularity of me
Into a pious stupid storm, to have it
Turn sodden and tear apart?

I am booking a doctor’s appointment today, I secretly think I have diabetes and/or, um, typhus maybe? This and the visa are my last stumbling blocks.


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